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BrickGuards ®
All the benefits of VeeBoards®, and MORE!


Manufactured from user friendly, high density polyethylene, these BrickGuards® are designed specifically for the brick and block transporter. DOT requirements specify that all brick and block loads should be loaded in such a way as to assure that no pieces come loose, endangering those behind. Also, BrickGuards® or VeeBoards® MUST be used if the strap is in any danger of being cut or damaged by the freight. The BrickGuard® is designed to cover the entire load, more effectively than any other product available.
  • Light weight

  • Does not crack

  • Outlasts aluminum

  • User friendly

  • Weather Proof

  • Tough enough for the brick & block industry

  • Snaps together to form a solid cover for your cargo

  • Protects both the corners of your cargo and your straps so your freight arrives undamaged

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