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Customer Testimonials

"These BrickGuards work really well, we have fitted our entire fleet and will be back for more."
           Keith - Headwater Construction

"The 24" BrickGuards work great on the oil drums I carry in the oil fields. They meet DOT requirements that stop drums elevating vertically."
           Tommy -

I have been using veeboards® for sometime now and must say how pleased I am with them. I am especially pleased with the durability of your product as they are virtually indistructable."

           Ron Kirkwood - Sept, 2009

"As a proud owner of your product for several years now {the 48'x6'x6' 20 of them} I have found the are a "Cant Live Without Item" for my truck."
           Robert Kendall - August 2009

"I have been using your VeeBoards® for several years and I am now replacing a few that I lost and one that I broke. I am busy as hell and I get truckers all the time asking me about them. I rip a sticker off and give it to them. They are great and the best invention I have seen. A great product ? hope some of the people I have given the stickers to are also ordering them. The biggest thing I like about them is the speed that I can secure and unsecure a load. I haul decorative stone and block ? most drivers take about an hour to secure the load using the old stick and strap method. I average about 20 minutes. The DOT guys like them also ? they can quickly observe that a load is secure and all straps are secure- This is a big thing down here.

Thanks for the note"

           Larry - Jupiter, FL

Received the Veeboards® I ordered last week. Had the opportunity to use them twice this last week. All I can say it wow what a difference having the right tool makes. the last load I hauled last week was a load of Sheet Rock. I was able to tighten winches tighter and still protect the sheet rock. Also when I was finished one fell on the ground before I pulled forward to unload and I ran it over and didn't harm it in the least. Thanks for a great product. Cant wait to receive my handle now."

           Dwayne J Gurkins - March 2006

"We used to use metal corners but they were unsafe. We have been using VeeBoards® for 4 years now without a single panel being damaged. Great product."
           Bill Wilkinson - 2004 Lewisville, TX

"I have recommended this great product to all the brick and block manufaturers in upsate New York. It is tough, user friendly and long lasting. The only time they crack is when the hit the highway at 80 miles an hour!!!!"
           Gary Hukey, Duke Concrete - 2005, Queensbury NY.

"We have purchased over 5,000 VeeBoards® for our shingles operation and they work great....they give us the EDGE in a competitive industry"
           Fraley Schilling Trucking - March, brilliant IN.

"Bradco Supply has been using VeeBoards® for the past 5 years on their entire fleet. They protect the load and reduce insurance claims....a truley great product."
           Kevin Tremmel - Feb, 2005 New Jersey

"Hello Steve,
Our VeeBoards® arrived today. We are anxious to use them. The four I purchased have proven themselves over and over. Thanks again for a great product.


           Vince - United Stone Veneer, Sept

"VeeBoards® are a big hit with our drivers!"
           John Jay - Bradco Supply Co.

"The VeeBoard® is one of the best products... I have EVER seen, for securing a load in transit. They're backed with a guarantee that no one else in the industry can even come close to. I recommend every driver out there purchase them for their load... and skip the hassle by avoiding damage caused by typical solutions."
           Nate Jones - Sevenate Trucking