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VeeBoards ®

From 12" to 78". Prices
and colors click here

BrickGuards ®

From 24" drop to 36" drop.
Prices and colors click here

Steel Corners

Galvanized steel or
aluminum VeeBoards

Straps and Ratchets

Color match to your

Winches and Winch Bars

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Use VeeBoards® to...
  • Protect your cargo from strap damage
  • Reduce insurance claims for damaged goods
  • Improve your service and company image
  • Become a leader in cargo control and management
  • Reduce the wear on straps
  • Show you really care about your freight

New VeeBoards2Go - In Stock Now

*New* VeeBoards2Go
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What customers are saying...

I have been using veeboards® for sometime now and must say how pleased I am with them. I am especially pleased with the durability of your product as they are virtually indistructable."

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · 
Ron Kirkwood
Sept, 2009

"As a proud owner of your product for several years now {the 48'x6'x6' 20 of them} I have found the are a "Cant Live Without Item" for my truck."
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · 
Robert Kendall
August 2009

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